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Put Your Project in the Hands of Home Renovation Experts

When your home does not look as stunning as you want, you don’t have to settle for it! You can start an outstanding home renovation project and achieve the wonderful results you expect with the help of renovation professionals. If you are a resident of Dunellen, NJ, and you want to hire affordable and highly dependable improvement and remodeling services for your home, be sure to turn to J Reyes Home Improvement. Keep reading for further information!

Our Dependable Services

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Some homes already have a wonderful design and the potential to be astonishing; they just need a little push to maximize their appeal and functionality. Our various quality home improvement solutions can help you give it that push! Trust our team, and we will enhance all your living spaces!
Home Renovation

Home Renovation

If you are already bored of looking at the same color on your walls and the same old decoration, you can rely without hesitation on our affordable home renovation services. We have all the solutions you need to create a design that matches your taste and the needs of your home!
Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement Remodeling

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement Remodeling

There are some spaces in your home that are key when it comes to increasing your property value and adding living functionality. Trust our various reliable home remodeling solutions to take part in the transformation of your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. We can make your project come true!
Flooring and Tiling

Flooring and Tiling

Do not forget about the floors and walls of your home, for they play a crucial role in the overall appeal of your property. Our excellent tiling services can install easy-to-clean shower walls or kitchen backsplash, and our flooring services can make your rooms more functional and better looking!
Window and Door Installation

Window and Door Installation

Do not take your windows and walls for granted! They are as important to the renovation or improvement of a home as all the other decorative and functional elements. Let us professionally install great-looking and strong windows and doors to complete your excellent remodeling project!


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Why Remodel Your Home

A professional remodeling project can do wonders for the appeal and functionality of your living spaces. First of all, it can help you personalize the look of each room and add your personal touch to the design. Plus, it can fix any issues that won’t let you do your daily activities smoothly. Additionally, all improvements done to your property can boost its resale value and give you profits in the future!

How We Do Our Work

Our team wants every wonderful remodeling project to align with the quality expectations of our valued customers. Therefore, we are meticulous when designing the spaces to be improved or remodeled, and we make sure to include customization options in our services so we can meet our customer’s requirements. Also, we use professional-grade materials and techniques to ensure high-quality and stunning results.

The Areas We Can Cover

If your home is not located in Dunellen, NJ, but you still want to make use of our dependable home improvement service or any other of our related solutions, you can do it without a problem! Our team takes pride in being diligent and adapting to our customer’s needs, so we can easily drive to service properties in the following areas:

  • Middlesex Borough, NJ
  • Piscataway Township, NJ
  • Plainfield, NJ
  • Bound Brook Borough, NJ
  • Scotch Plains Township, NJ

If you want our crew to start working on your project, you can book an appointment with J Reyes Home Improvement by phone at your earliest convenience. We are ready to put our hands and tools to work in the transformation of your home! Call us today!

Client Testimonials

by Jason R. Bradbury on J Reyes Home Improvement
Excellent Company!

I asked this company to give me an affordable home renovation, and they delivered an excellent result! I am happy I hired them because their way of working is very professional, and they listened to all my requests throughout the process. Good team!

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